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Pix It First

Pix It First is a 2D online 4 players image-guessing game where players must answer correctly what pixelated images are shown. For every round, the image shown becomes less pixelated for every 5 seconds . With total of 10 rounds per image, the player who is able to answer the first one will be given points. Player with the most points at the end of the match wins the game!


Features :

4 Players Online Multiplayer

10 Rounds + 10 Difficulties

- Over 40+ Unique Images


🥇Champion - SEA GAME JAM Award 2019🥇

The organizer gave Acer Monitors as an award to Team M for winning the SEA GAME JAM 2019.

Group photo of Team M with prizes won after the Award Ceremony.

This game is meant to be played on Windows & Mac devices. This game was created for game jam in 36 hours. The assets in this game are built with zero funding and captured from royalty free images, self-made assets and sounds within Android Apps as the Game Jam Challenge.  


Pix It First by Team M :

Nic Chin - Designer & 2D Artist

Fikri Suhaimi - Sound Designer

Alex Ong Chee Ren- Network & Gameplay Programmer

Felix Leong - UI Programmer

Stevannus Lake - Gameplay Programmer

Android Apps used for generating game assets :     

- Spritester (Image Pixelation)

- Pictionary Word Generator (Image Object Ideation)

- Music Maker JAM (BGM Creation)

- Piconica (SFX Creation)

- Lexis Audio Editor (Audio Editing)

Award Prizes and Food Resources are fully credited with thanks to Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), IGDA Malaysia and Acer.


Pix It First by Team M ©2019


Install instructions

Unzip & enjoy!


Pix It First v0.9_Windows.zip 43 MB
Pix It First v0.9_Mac.zip 60 MB

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