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Wheel Chair Of Death is a 3D VR endless runner game in which the almighty reaper is following granny down the street to take her life but she is not one of those who easily give up and she takes whatever she can to run away. You play as a grandmother in a wheelchair and keep moving forward to escape the reaper that will hunt you for the rest of your life! Beat the highest score, collect coins, dodge cars & pedestrians to extend your lifetime!


Key Features :

- Cute & Funky Art Styles

- Super Immersive Wheelchair Experience

- Specially Designed Procedurally Generated Level


🏆1st Runner Up - XR Game Jam Award 2019🏆

The organizer gave an award to the Quick Shock Studio team.
Group photo of all the teams participating in the 2019 XR Game Jam Competition.

This project is meant to be played on VR Ready Windows Device with HTC VIVE VR Device. This project was created for game jam in 36 hours. The assets in this game are built with zero funding and captured from unity default sprites, self-drawn, free art assets and royalty free sounds websites .


Wheelchair of Death by Quick Shock Studio :

Ooi Jin Jie - Programmer

Mohammadreza Heidari - Programmer

Wong Jia Wei - Lead Programmer

Stevannus Lake - Project Lead & Programmer

Hardware & Food Resources are fully credited with thanks to SITEC, GameDev Academy, HTC VIVE, Chew Tong Sim & Keng Boon Lim.


Install instructions

Unzip & enjoy!


WheelChairOfDeath.zip 48 MB

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